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The doctors diagnosed Ms. Zuriel Gibson with lupus in 1997 after a near death experience and then a few short years later as told she wouldn’t live past the age of twenty-four (24). Due to her ignorance, she immediately thought that her dreams were no longer attainable; life was over.

After many bouts with depression, pain, addictions, and hospital stays for many years and after living pass her death date, Zuriel became discontent and decided to use her pain to propel her into purpose. As a lupus survivor, advocate, and coach, she has become a much sought-after speaker. Her message, “There is Purpose In & Beyond Your Pain”, has been shared on numerous media outlets such as The Kingdom Broadcast Network, Destiny Channel TV, Something Good is About to Happen, The Ladies Room Radio Broadcast and more.

Ms. Gibson is the epitome of a woman that thrives beyond the odds. She knows exactly what it feels like to fight through doubt, fear, and disappointments. Her goal is to continue helping others win against lupus through education, resources, and advocacy. She is proof that you can live a successful life with the right attitude, a made-up mind and taking the proper actions to make a difference.

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Your Diagnosis Is NOT Your Identity
The focus for healing is to separate self-worth from any medical or psychological label, to cultivate self-awareness beyond the diagnosis, and to emphasize holistic well-being. It encourages individuals to see themselves as more than their conditions, to nurture their unique strengths and capabilities, and to seek a balanced approach to wellness that encompasses physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual health.
It's time for a TRANSFORMATION!

The focus for healing is to embrace radical change, to shed limiting beliefs and behaviors, and to welcome new perspectives and habits that foster growth. It's about recognizing one's potential, taking proactive steps towards personal evolution, and cultivating an environment in which positive change can flourish. This journey prioritizes self-awareness, resilience, and commitment to become the best version of oneself.

Finding Your Positive Voice

Centers on tuning into and amplifying the uplifting and affirmative aspects of oneself. The healing focus is on silencing negative self-talk, embracing self-compassion, and nurturing an inner dialogue that is supportive and empowering. This approach cultivates resilience, boosts self-esteem, and enables individuals to face challenges with confidence and optimism. It's about recognizing and celebrating one's worth, potential, and inner strengths.

6 Ways to Increase Confidence after a diagnosis

The overarching theme is to rebuild self-worth, regain control, and foster resilience by tapping into internal and external resources.

Ashley Styles

Zuriel is an incredible woman with a passion to serve others. She an her organization have been instrumental in providing awareness to Lupus Community, and I see no signs of them slowing down. I know they been of aid to many and will continue to make a great impact through their efforts.

Andrea Johnson

Zuriel is a energetic woman. She is kind and very professional. Zuriel is warm and caring but firm. She is a respected member of the community and any thing she asks of me I would be more than happy to do.

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